Is this really the age of AI to takeover

Is this really the age of AI to takeover

Knowing what the field of artificial intelligence has to offer in today's world

Introduction to AI

So, let’s start the story of how AI came into existence. There was a time when computers could not learn from their experiences despite being the most intelligent machine on Earth which was a massive blow to its existence, which made it a puppet machine. So, to deal with this researchers and programmers came up with AI. Artificial intelligence was founded as an academic discipline in 1956, and in the years since has experienced several waves of optimism,followed by disappointment and the loss of funding (known as an "AI winter"), followed by new approaches, success and renewed funding.

Pheww😤 this is the limit of my story-telling skills so now we move on to the main part.

What are AI and its real-time applications

•Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

•The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving.

•Also, you may have heard about the AI bot has been titled the doom of software engineers i.e., ChatGPT. Similarly, you might have across some AI-generated photos on social media which are generated through an AI tool called Lensa if have not heard about them then do not worry I will take you through them in the upcoming parts.


•Firstly, ChatGPT is a tongue twister as you can tell 😓 very hard to say.

•Developed by OpenAI and can have human-like conversations.

•It reached a million users in just 5 days which is a huge milestone.

•It is a free AI chatbot to which you can ask anything and everything.

•It can solve your homework questions, college assignments, essays and many more tasks.

•It was trained on massive amounts of data so it is like JARVIS-lite.

•But it also has its limitations, like it cannot respond to deep questions and the answer provided cannot be 100% true in some cases.

AI Photo Tool {LENSA}

•AI tool that makes a photo more artistic which feels mystical and cool. {Give it a try yourselves if you doubt me 😎}

•It is an app that makes you feel like you are creating something for yourselves because you are uploading your pictures for it to use.

•The app has a quiet-friendly user experience. {Use it yourselves to know👌}

•Developed by Prisma Lab and the company claims that the uploaded images are deleted ASAP for the data security of users.

You may have a question if everybody has access to these AI tools then say for teachers if students use these to write essays or for artists who make living through art would it derail their livelihoods, so for the same many AI experts have said that we should view some of these tools not as a goodbye to those roles and professions but more so as an enabler of enhancing our work. For questions it makes them understand a question better etc.

AI in Energy Market

•The global AI in energy market size was valued at $4.0 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $19.8 Billion by 2031

•Significant changes and effects of AI technology in this market can be seen in their applications such as smart automated grids and energy distribution systems.

•Also, it is anticipated that the rapid modernization of energy in developing nations would increase the use of AI solutions in energy systems.

AI in Health Sector

•AI and machine learning are essential tools to solve complex healthcare data problems, such as identifying patients exhibiting signs of a yet-to-be-diagnosed chronic disease.

•Now more and more healthcare organizations are using AI solutions to inform decisions and improve experiences with data.

AI in Agriculture

•Forbes reports that global spending on Smart Agriculture i.e., which uses AI and machine learning is projected to be $15.3 billion by 2025.

•As to how AI technologies are transforming the agriculture sector then see the following list of agricultural activities involving AI:

->Crop and soil monitoring🌾

->Insect and plant disease detection🦗🪲🐛🪳

->Livestock health monitoring🐄🐮

->Intelligent spraying and automatic weeding, etc.

AI in Marketing

•It uses artificial intelligence technologies to make automated decisions based on data collection and data analysis.

•AI is often used in digital marketing where speed💨 is essential.

•AI is used to augmenting marketing teams or to perform more tactical tasks that require less human nuance.

•AI marketing can be an asset in areas such as risk reduction, increased speed, greater customer🛃 satisfaction, and more.

And to be honest this isn’t the end to the application of AI in different sectors and now it is up to you to find the uses of AI in your favourite domain or field.

Career Opportunities in AI

The career opportunities have escalated quite a bit due to its surging demands in industries. A career in AI looks more promising these days.

1->Big Data Engineer

2->Business Intelligence Developer

3->Data Scientist

4->Machine Learning Engineer

5->Research Scientist

6->AI Data Analyst

There are many more roles in this space and many are getting created the recent times.

Also, for the sake of the readers I am adding the link to the top Companies recruiting AI engineers:





And the list goes on and on and on.

Online Certification Courses on AI

Certified Courses for Beginners by




Click on the provider to access the course.

AI Events and Conferences

1->AI Summit West 2023

{from Feb 15-16,2023 in San Francisco, USA}

2->AI Asia Expo Thailand 2023

{from Feb 21-23,2023 in Bangkok, Thailand}

3->Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit

{On March 16,2023 in UAE}

4->AI Asia Expo Philippines 2023

{from May 30-31,2023 in Manila, Philippines}

5->Ai4 2023

{from Aug 7-9,2023 In Las Vegas, USA}

Communities to Join



3->AI Student Community

4->Global AI Community

5->Allen Institute for AI

There are many more communities and for beginners the mentioned ones are good. Also, note that most of these communities are present on Twitter as well.

Plus, you can also search communities within your colleges or make one yourself.

Disadvantages of AI

As it is said with great powers comes great responsibility similarly with great advantages come several potential disadvantages too that are important to consider.

1->Job Loss

2->Increase in Cyber Threats

3->Decrease in the creativity of people

4->Privacy Concerns

5->Ethical Dilemmas


My opinion on the present, as well as future of AI, would be that it is going to keep on evolving, expanding, and disrupting the way the current world functions in both positive and negative senses, depending on us the creators of it.

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