Looking Back into 2022

Looking Back into 2022

Story of my failures and achievements of 2022

The year 2022 has been a complete rollercoaster ride full of ups & downs but I am grateful to myself and my family for sticking through thick and thin with me and supporting me blindly. Now to start the story- I started my journey as a developer and blogger in November of 2022. Also I started learning Java as well as Web Development simultaneously.

My Developer Journey

• Started learning Java with Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) from Kunal.

• Also started learning and applying Frontend Web Development side by side from FreeCodeCamp and Udemy.

• I know it sounds kind of impossible to learn both together but try it yourself to know how well they gel together.

Pro tip: For web development start making projects by watching tutorials and they make them yourself, the learning curve increases exponentially.

My Blogging Journey

Blogging is a game changer I would recommend to all no matter in which field you are as it is like a seed which you plant today and by watering it regularly you are gonna see its results. Here's how I got into blogging:

• Started my Blogging Journey in November this year with the description of my KubeCon 2022 experience.

• Then started writing blogs on Hashnode and some more blogging challenge topics.

• But blogging itself can turn into a big reward in the long run that's what I learnt from it.

• Also do check out my blogs and provide feedback if possible, as it will help me improve my skills.

Tip: Start writing by making it a daily habit.

My Twitter Journey

Before coming to Twitter I thought it was only a platform for celebrities and similar people but after coming on board it, I think it was one of the best decisions I made. Here's how:

• I joined Twitter on September 2021 but just as an observer.

• Then started interacting with the peeps through comments which grew exponentially.

• Began attending Twitter spaces on different topics, and fell in love with Twitter as a Beginner Developer.

• Wrote my first Twitter thread on 14 Dec 2022, then wrote 5-6 more threads on the Twitter Spaces and virtual talks I attended.

• These tweets started my journey as a content creator on Twitter which I never thought I would do one day.

• Got my first one-on-one talk session with Akshay whom I never imagined would randomly talk to a newbie like me.

Fact: It all happened because of a comment I made regarding a thread so, now you can see how a comment can give you unimaginable opportunities

• Gained some followers and hope to get more this year, also to be frank I don't know any of my followers personally like I did not know any of them before coming to Twitter.

• Recently got the highest view count of 1400+ on one of my threads, as I normally get 100+ reach on my threads so this is a very big milestone for me.

So, these are all my milestones and learnings from my Twitter Journey.

My LinkedIn Journey

Using LinkedIn efficiently can change your life as it did for me and here's how I used it.

• Started connecting with people via cold-mailing them.

• Learned how to reach out to people without annoying them.

• Made connections with people who do great work in their respective fields.

• Learned the importance of making connections and utilising them in the long run.

Connections Made

Connected with a bunch of great people both on LinkedIn as well as Twitter. As to how then:-

• Firstly try to interact with them via comments on their posts.

• Then if they reply then try to keep the conversation going in the direct messages.

• If not then ask your query politely and professionally via email or direct message if possible.

• This shows them that you are a genuine person who wants to learn from them hence removing the interaction barriers.

• At last add them to your network and most probably they will accept your connection request.

This is the strategy I used and I also showed them my blogs and posts so that they come to know about me. You can try my method and DM me if you need any help.

My Goals for 2023

Here’s a prioritized checklist of my goals for this year.

• To get accepted in GSoC 2023.

• To interact and network with as many people as possible.

• To write 50 blogs this year on Hashnode.

• To learn Full Stack Web Development.

These are all the goals I could think of for now.

My Advice for You 🧑‍💻

These are the tips and hacks I used to organize my life and I hope they benefit you too!

Time management is a skill you must master so, focus on managing your time effectively.

Curating your study/research material can be a great asset in your learning in the long run.

Focus your time 30% on studying and 70% on practising/applying what you studied to get the most out of what you learnt.

Learn in public so that your work gets noticed and your queries get solved quickly and effectively.

Believe in yourself! this isn't a skill it is a mindset you must adopt to thrive.

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