My  First  KubeCon  Experience

My First KubeCon Experience

Firstly I wanna thank everyone for reading my blog and I also wanna thank Kunal Bhaiya for introducing me to open source and KubeCon. So lets start by knowing what KubeCon is- It is a great event to learn about the currents trends and emerging technologies in the Kubernetes ecosystem. For the month of October the event was held in Detroit, Michigan, North America from 24 Oct-28 Oct 2022. Though I was not able to attend the event live ,I watched the events on the CNCF(Cloud Native Computing Foundation) YouTube Channel.

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The talks and events which intrigued me are as follows:

1.Edge Native is the new Cloud Native - Modern Apps at the Edge

It was a quick talk given by Marilyn Basanta of VMware where she told that Edge computing is the next evolution of cloud and over the last decade, we’ve learned a lot about running applications on elastic clouds. Infrastructure Operators and Developers can apply much of what we’ve learned to Edge deployments, so that we can be confident that the same app is up to date and secure at many locations simultaneously.

I think edge computing has a lot of scope and I would love to see what they bring to the table on the upcoming KubeCon events.


2.More Intelligent Global Rate Limiting System

It was lightning talk given Tianyu Xia from Google where he discussed about the ways to design the rate limiting system for distributed systems handling millions of requests per second, and also how to make the rate limiting system smarter to ensure fair sharing between various clients and handle the service surge in a particular region. He emphasized that- "Effective traffic management is the key to allow customers to ensure that their micro-services and overall architecture are highly available and highly reliable".

After the talk I came to know the use and need of a more intelligent global rate limiting system and I hope that it serves it's purpose and solves the current problems.


3.Envoy, the Engine for a Cloud Native Security Kernel

It was a talk given by Zack Butler who is one of the Founding Engineers of Tetrate. In it he told that Envoy has become a cornerstone of the Cloud Native ecosystem and is seeing widespread adoption across all kinds of companies. He also emphasized that Envoy enables to bound attacks in space and in time and it powers cloud native system security.

During the talk he said that his company wants to see Envoy adopted everywhere and I too hope it gets and adopted as it is a wonderful tool for the security of the cloud native system.


4.Securing the Golden Path: Adding Guardrails for Developers Without Getting in Their Way

It was a panel talk moderated by Aradhna Chetal, TIAA; Elizabeth Vasquez Alban, Barclays; Kapil Bareja, Saviyant; Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata & Anil Karmel, RegScale. They discussed how security and operations teams can collaborate to provide developers with a “secure golden path” that promotes security best practices without compromising agility. The discussion also covered how the adoption of cloud native systems impacts security, the cloud native lifecycle, and highlight organizational best practices for adopting cloud native systems. And before concluding the panel they provided practical tips and guidance on how cloud native systems can offer composable and programmable options for policy as code and continuous compliance across the software delivery pipeline to create automated guardrails for developers.

It was my first time experiencing such a panel and I would love see many more like this in the upcoming events as it cleared many of my doubts and questions as a new developer in this field.



At last to conclude I would like to say that it will take sometime to understand the tech so please give it enough time to sink in and if you can see the practical usage of the tech at work.

Also there were many more talks I watched so maybe I will mention about in my next blog so keep following and I hope that I am able to watch the upcoming KubeCon events as it is very intriguing and exciting for me personally to see such technologies which are coming and evolving day by day.

So that's all from my side for this blog. You can follow and connect with me on Twitter .

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